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Redding G-RX Sizing Die Bottle Adapter

Producto numero: 789703
Fabricante: Redding
N.º de producto del fabricante: 96010
17,27 €

The Redding G-Rx Base Sizing Die meets the need of the reloader needing to reload brass shot through some of the most popular autoloaders today. These autoloaders, when fired, produce a bulge at the bottom of the brass, which normal sizing dies can not reach and remove, rendering the brass unusable. This adapter is used to attach the Redding High Density Polyethylene Bottle to the G-RX die to collect resized brass saving time and speeding up the resizing process.

Technical Information

Fits: Redding G-RX base sizing dies
Function: Bottle Adapter
Material: Steel
Notes: Required if the reloader wants to attach a High Density Polyethylene Bottle (Product # 471-996) to the Redding G-RX sizing die to easily collect the resized brass

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